Type 01 Straight Wheels 3M Cubitron 86946 Cubitron Ii Cut-Off Wheel T27 4.5 in x 0.04 in x 7/8 in - The Sandpaper People

3M Cubitron 86946
Cubitron Ii Cut-Off Wheel T27 4.5 in x 0.04 in x 7/8 in

by 3M

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3M Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheel, 86946, T27, black, 4 1/2 in x 0.04 in x 7/8 in (11.43 cm x 1.02 mm)

  • The 3M? Cubitron? II Cut-Off Wheels with 3M Precision Shaped Grain are engineered to cut faster than competitive ceramic products offering significant productivity gains
  • Metalworking professionals value its fast cutting action on heat-sensitive metals and its abrasive cutting wheel efficiency, yielding 2 to 7x more cuts than conventional cut-off wheels in many cases.
  • Part # 7100094783
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    Line Cubitron
    Country of origin Poland
    Product type Type 01 Straight Wheels

    Anything extra you need to know

  • Long-lasting without loss of performance, 3M? Cubitron? II Cut-Off Wheel efficiently cuts through even the toughest metal giving you better control while operating and over results
  • This rigid, reinforced resin-bonded cut-off wheel features 3M Precision S
  • What makes this product special

  • Outstanding cutting performance on both mild steel and ultra high strength steel
  • 3M? Cubitron? II cuts 30% faster and lasts 2x longer than conventional ceramic abrasives
  • Precision Shaped Grain (PSG) technology employs microreplication for extremely unif
  • We suggest you should use it for:

  • For grinding applications on stainless and mild steel