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3M AM39298
60Mic 372L Mff Aluminum oxide 5Mil .433x900Ftx3 Rl 7000139298

by 3M

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3M Microfinishing Film Roll 372L

  • The 3M? Microfinishing Film Roll 372L features micron-graded premium aluminum oxide bonded to a 5 mil (0.13 mm) polyester film backing to deliver uniform results and meet stringent surface requirements
  • A friction grip coating provides slip resistance for microfinishing machines where film slippage is an issue, and close tolerance work on cylindrical surfaces, such as automotive camshafts and crankshafts.
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    Anything extra you need to know

  • In order to achieve a consistent scratch for microfinishing, the 3M? Microfinishing Film Roll 372L features micron-graded mineral, measured at very tight size tolerances
  • This roll's resin bond ensures reliable, consistent performance
  • With a durable film backing, the abrasive can navigate tight geometry and finish tolerances
  • This microfinishing roll comes in a broad range of micron grades to achieve a consistent finish without altering part geometry
  • To reduce risk of operator error, Type 2 film was designed in a range of colours, reflective of each grade
  • The colour coding is a useful visual cue, as is sorting width by core size and side and end of roll printing and marking
  • Film backings provide a superior, uniformly flat surface to hold abrasive particles ? abrasive grains don?t compress or become pressed into the backing
  • Highly conformable and tear-resistant, this roll's polyester film backing flexes to help achieve a consistent finish over contours and is stronger than other 3M? Abrasives, making it ideal for high-production environments
  • Manufacturers of critical automotive components have little room for error in producing parts to specification
  • Engine component surfaces and geometry can be improved by using microfinishing which removes variations on the surface, minimizes friction, and manipulates metal behaviour in other ways.
  • What makes this product special

  • Micron-graded aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast and provides a consistent, fine finish
  • Durable polyester film backing provides flexibility for consistent finishing on contoured surfaces
  • Polyester film backing can be run wet
  • Available in a range of grades to help operators achieve goal tolerances
  • Color-coded by grade for error proofing
  • We suggest you should use it for:

  • Works great for precision finishing of cylindrical surfaces such as automotive camshafts and crankshafts