Sqwincher is Serious Hydration.

Sqwincher hydration solutions contain a balanced source of sodium & potassium – key electrolytes necessary to hydrate the body.

No matter if it’s extreme work or play, when you exert yourself you’re losing the important fluids and nutrients that keep your body operating like it should.

Hydration is your body’s ability to manage this loss and return to its prime working condition.  This is what you need to remember. Proper hydration means the fluid level in your body is exactly where it should be, in balance.

When you’re dehydrated, your fluid level is off, out of balance. Hydrating in hot and cold conditions is critical to maintaining balance for peak performance.
So how does your body keep this balance? With a lot of help from the brain and a process called homeostasis.

Here’s how it works. Your body has a special receptor that detect the changes happening inside of you. When you lose vital fluids, this receptor notifies the hypothalamus in your brain, which regulates your body’s temperature. Your hypothalamus takes it from there to carry out homeostasis to put your body back in balance. It does this by increasing the blood flow to your skin surface, triggering sweating and thirst. When you’re thirsty, you know you need to hydrate. But drinking water alone many times just doesn’t do the job. When the body perspires it loses key electrolytes that water alone doesn’t contain. 

Electrolytes your body needs to keep it in balance. That’s where Sqwincher comes in. Sqwincher hydration solutions quickly replace lost fluids containing sodium & potassium, key electrolytes needed to keep the body hydrated, and exactly what your body needs to keep it working well and in tip-top shape.

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