About Us

About Us

Best in Brand ~ All things Abrasives!

About Us

We are the Sandpaper People, purveyors of best in brand Coated, Bonded & Non-woven Abrasives.

We have been around since the late 50's and have heaps of knowledge in production applications & solutions built on the use of quality materials. 

Please make yourself a part of our community by contributing.  We believe that MORE heads are better than one AND we know from experience that often thinking out of the BOX leads to the best solutions.  Perhaps YOU have found a better way of doing things?  If you care to share, you may just help a fellow entrepreneur, artist, neighbour or SMB create something amazing.

We are adding new products weekly & our blog and Q & A sections will offer a wealth of information . . . And we are always here to help you out with anything you may need so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Challenge us today!

The Sandpaper People ~ Management Team