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Portable Sanding Belts

Portable belts constructed of durable cloth backed Abrasive Material. Excellent for shaping, grinding. The inline direction of the belts gives a consistent finish. Making these small belts perfect for sanding all materials and getting the perfect finishes.
These sanders are lightweight which allows you to take them anywhere. Most popular with Construction, Installation and Furniture making industries. Also a very handy tool to have in your home collection.
Portable belts are 2-1/2", 3" or 4" wide and up to 24" in length. They are most often seen in the reddish or brown Aluminum oxide grain which is a good all purpose belt material. Other times you will see the in blue Zirconium mineral. This grain is more durable and will perform better and last longer. Primary used on metals. black Silicon carbide belts give the best finish, but do not last as long. These are for specialty applications like stone, concrete, plastics and glass.
Standard belt options are below... Or let us know if there is something a bit more specialized you are looking for. After all... We are the Sandpaper People.

How to Measure a Sanding Belt

What Grit is best for my Belt Sander? 

Coarse Belts For Rapid Removal and Shaping of Material. Also used for Deburring any Sharp Edges. 40, 50 Grit
Medium Belts For Sanding in Preparation for Finishing. Also used to remove Varnish, Paints and Corrosion. 60, 80 Grit
Fine Belts This could be the final step for applications were a coating is being applied. Great for light cleaning 100, 120, 150 Grit
Very Fine Belts For that extra fine finish 180, 220 Grit

What other sizes are available?

I Need a Custom Size