PSA Discs 3M Stikit AB86493 Self Adhesive Paper (PSA) Discs 5 Inch 236U Material Aluminum Oxide in 220 Grit 7000119539 - The Sandpaper People

3M Stikit AB86493
Self Adhesive Paper (PSA) Discs 5 Inch 236U Material Aluminum Oxide in 220 Grit 7000119539

by 3M

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3M Stikit Paper Disc Roll 236U, 5 in x NH P220 C-weight, 100 discs per roll 4 rolls per case

  • The 3M? Stikit? Paper Disc Roll 236U offers a versatile disc with a convenient adhesive backing ready for quick and easy attachment to a 3M? Stikit? Backup Pad (sold separately)
  • The roll offers quick access to a disc and eliminates disc liners
  • The disc features a strong, C-weight paper backing that resists wear during aggressive sanding.
  • Part # 7000119539
    Sold in qty's of 1
    Backing material Paper
    Color Gold
    Diameter 5 Inch
    Grit 220
    Line Stikit
    Material 236U
    Abrasive grain Aluminum Oxide
    Country of origin Canada
    Product type PSA Discs
    Vacuum type Non-Vacuum

    Anything extra you need to know

  • The open-coat construction and load-resistant coating help prevent clogging to maximize the cut and life of the disc
  • The 3M? Stikit? Paper Disc Roll 236U can be used for sanding and finishing on many different surfaces, such as paint, primer, softwood, metal, plastic, hard and soft composites, and fibreglass
  • The 3M? Stikit? Discs are designed to handle a wide range of sanding and finishing needs
  • These high-quality, coated abrasive products come ready to use with a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on the backside so they conveniently press on to the backup pad, and remove cleanly, leaving an uncontaminated surface for the next disc
  • The 3M? Stikit? Disc should be used in conjunction with the 3M? Stikit? Backup Pad (also called a disc pad and sold separately) that is attached to a disc sander, random orbital sander, or stationary disc sander.
  • What makes this product special

  • Adhesive backing allows for quick application and easy removal
  • Convenient disc rolls eliminate the need to remove disc liners from individual discs
  • Strong, C-weight paper backing provides extra durability when compared to lighter weight paper backings
  • Aluminum oxide mineral is durable, cuts fast, and performs well on many surfaces
  • Load-resistant coating helps prevent premature loading of the disc surface to maximize cut and extend the life of the abrasive grains
  • We suggest you should use it for:

  • AOEM Finish Prep/Repair?
  • Blending?
  • Finishing?
  • Orbital Sanding?
  • Prepping Metal Prior to Paint?
  • Random Orbital Sanding?
  • Use on aluminum, carbon steel, fibreglass, gelcoat, composites, softwood, hardwood and solid surfaces
  • May also be used for AOEM finish prep/repair, blending, finishing, orbital sanding, prepping metal prior to paint, and general random orbital sanding applications